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    Regulations travel health in Spain

    If you are a non resident of Spain and would like to be treated in the Oncology and Breast Surgery Unit of Oncocir, Gynecology, Digestive Surgery or General Surgery, the staff of the External Relations Department puts at your disposal a contact person who can help you in everything that you need to be taken care of by us.

    You can contact the contact person for International Patient Care through the e-mail address: citacionesoncocir@oncocir.com.

    This person will advise you on everything related to your stay in our center and on the entry regulations in Spain, which we will summarize below.

    Be in possession of a valid and current passport or travel document

    The document must be valid up to three months after the expected date of departure from the territory of the Member States and must have been issued within the previous ten years.

    Exceptionally, presentation of medical certificates required by the Ministry of the Interior

    The requirement of these certificates will be disseminated, as far as possible, sufficiently in advance

    Not having spend 90 days of stay in a period of 180 days

    have a valid and valid visa

    This requirement is required of third-country nationals included in the list of countries subject to the visa requirement for crossing the external borders, provided they are not in possession of a valid residence permit or a valid long-term visa issued by another EU Member.

    Not be subject to an entry ban

    Having previously been expelled by Spain, having expressly prohibited entry for activities contrary to the interests of Spain or human rights, being on international claims for criminal reasons.

    Be in possession of documents that justify the purpose and conditions of your stay.

    Travel of a tourist or private nature, trips of a professional, political, scientific, sports, studies, or other reasons.

    Do not pose a danger to public health, public order and national security.

    Llámanos o escríbenos

    Hospital Ruber Juan Bravo
    Calle Juan Bravo 49, Madrid.

    Switchboard: 902 01 02 32

    Rocío (secretary):

    Phone: 65612121855302

    General Surgey & Digestive: + 34 605 71 65 73

    María José (secretary):

    Phone: 65612121855313

    Gynecologu: +34 659 45 67 13

    We will contact you

    If you prefer we can contact you. Please fill in all the information required. We will contact you as soon as possible. Thanks.