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    Why choose Oncocir?

    After many years, numerous patients have chosen Oncocir to find a solution to their health problems.
    Our mission is to achieve optimal results, meet the needs of our patients, meet their expectations and all through our organization, protocols based on clinical research and specialization in surgical practice.

    Ruber Juan Bravo Hospital, where we operate our patients, is in the Top Ten of private hospitals in Spain (specifically the 8th), according to MERCO.

    Our Values

    • We try to offer our patients a personalized solution, trying to offer an answer to their worries and concerns.
    • Our goal is to create an interpersonal relationship. We know that a disease does not enter alone in our consultations, always comes with a person possibly fearful and anxious about their future.
    • We develop the doctor-patient relationship with exchanges of information, shared decisions and a communication centered on the patient.
    • In Oncocir, we address the oncological diseases of our patients and the functional disorders concerning the Digestive System and General Gynecology.
    • Our future objective is to provide high healing rates or, failing that, cancer chronification, reducing the impact that treatment has on patients in the physical, but also socio-affective.
    • We promote and participate in research projects focused on early diagnosis, in limiting the biological impact of surgical interventions on patients (morbidity and mortality) and in the detection of prognostic markers that facilitate the establishment of more selective treatments.
    • The doctors and professions that make up Oncocir have acquired experience not only in Spain but also in different European countries and in the United States. They therefore enjoy professional prestige at a national and international level.
    • Providing adequate psychological support, reducing the stay and accelerating the incorporation to normal are imposed in the daily exercise of our responsibility.
    Ven a conocernos o solicita una consulta por videoconferencia. Si lo prefieres nosotros nos ponemos en contacto contigo.