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    Our patients are our priority.

    Confucius said “study the past if you would define the future“. That is why we develop our patient-doctor relationship with shared decisions and a fluid communication.

    We are aware that a disease never comes alone to our clinic. It always comes with an anxious, fearful, overwhelmed person by their work, their family and their future.

    We are more than medical experts, trained and experienced, we are also humans who stand by our patients throughout the process of their treatment.


    We offer you the possibility of asking for a Second Medical Opinion. Book this services online now.



    If you prefer you can consult your doctor anywhere, by videoconference. You do not need to come to our clinic.




    If you do not live in Spain and need help /would like to contact us, our External Relation Department will find the right person at your disposal.



    Oncocir maintains collaboration agreements with the following companies that provide Healthcare Insurance worldwide. See all the available options.



    The Oncocir Premium services are available to private patients (or refund policies) during their admission to the Ruber Hospital, as well as in the outpatient care at Ruber Consultations.

    Come to meet us or request a consultation by videoconference. If you rather, we will contact you.