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    Patients From Outside Spain

    If you live outside of Spain and would like to attend at Oncocir, we have a full organization service for your trip. Our External Relations department will help you throughout the process, from when you decide to be treated at Oncocir, until you arrive to Spain and have your treatment.

    If you reside in Spain but have contracted Oncocir’s “Premium” service, you can also avail of the services detailed below.




    24h Assistant

    Premium Assistant

    The Assistant will receive you upon arrival at the center and will be at your disposal during the admission. It will be in charge of the well-being of the patient and of his companions taking care of the needs that may arise before and during their stay. Before entering, the Premium Assistant will contact the patient to provide information about the services available to Oncocir Premium and find out about their personal needs.


    We have an exclusive office to process your income in the center, as well as your registration, in order to offer a comfortable and fast service in the completion of procedures and billing. This service is available from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.


    Is the person who will accompany the patient at the moment of his/her admission to his/her room, where he/she will accommodate them and will give them information about the services they can find in Oncocir Premium. At the time of discharge, it will accompany them to the exit (in a wheelchair, if necessary) and help them with their luggage.<br />


    Oncocir Premium Patients can require us we book for them a stay at a reference hotel before and after admission, for the patient and/or his/her companions.<br />


    Premium Oncocir patients will have a locker located on the same floor in case they have to leave the room for medical reasons.


    Following our commitment to support, the Premium Assistant will help them to manage various external services: transfer from the airport or station, to the hotel, and accompaniment to our facilities.

    Appointment with International Relations


    If you are interested in organizing your health trip. Please fill in the following form and our International Relations department will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you.