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    Oncocir Foundation

    The Oncocir Foundation, hereinafter, is a non-profit entity that has a long-term impact on its assets in the pursuit of the general interest purposes detailed below. The Oncocir Foundation has as its object the cultural and scientific patronage, pursuing as main purposes:

    Make Art more accessible to people..

    Collaborate in this necessary approach between the humanistic world and the social sciences and the scientific one.

    Recover memory in art, literature and history.


    In order to achieve its goals, the Foundation will carry out, participate and promote the following activities:

    • Multidisciplinary projects that serve as a bridge between humanistic and social and scientific fields.
    • Debates and reflections on the transformations that our society is undergoing.
    • Scientific, social and technical research with intense teaching vocation. Contribution to the training of specialists in these fields, through collaborative projects with all types of Universities, scientific institutes or any other public or private institutions or foundations. Without prejudice to carry out any other activities that the Board considers appropriate for the best fulfillment of the purposes.

    In addition, in order to obtain income, the Foundation may carry out commercial activities whose purpose is related to the foundational purposes or are complementary or ancillary to the previous ones, subject to the regulations governing the defense of competition.

    The development of the activities of the Foundation may be carried out, among others, and with prior authorization of the Protectorate, where appropriate:

    • For the Foundation directly, in its own facilities or those of others.
    • Creating or cooperating to the constitution of other entities of an associative, foundational or corporate nature.
    • Participating or collaborating in the development of the activities of other entities, organizations, institutions or persons of any kind, physical and legal, that may in some way serve the purposes pursued by the Foundation.


    The Board of Trustees, when determining the beneficiaries of the Foundation’s activity, will act with criteria of impartiality and non-discrimination, among the persons who meet the following circumstances:

    • That is part of the population sector served by the Foundation.
    • That demand the provision or service that the Foundation can offer.
    • That they are entitled to benefits because of their merits, capacity, need or convenience.
    • That they meet other requirements that, in addition, the Board of Trustees may agree on, specific to each call.

    No one may claim, individually or collectively before the Foundation or its Board, any right to the enjoyment of its benefits, before they were granted, or impose their attribution to specific persons.

    Advertising purposes and activities

    The Board of the Foundation will give sufficient information about its aims and activities so that they are known by their potential beneficiaries and other interested parties.