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    Patient Reception Guide

    Our goal is to offer you first class medical care. That is why we put at your disposal the most cutting-edge technological means, the most innovative medical techniques and the vocation of a whole human team and of great specialized training that will be at your side whenever you need it, offering a personalized, respectful and close assistance.

    With this guide we want to facilitate your stay by showing you all the services and facilities available to you, your family and your companions.

    If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to send it to us through the staff that attends or through the Patient Care Service.

    We hope you enjoy a pleasant stay and a speedy recovery.

    Receive a cordial greeting

    Dra. Arantxa Moreno Elola Olaso

    Oncocir Medical Manager




    24/7 Assistant

    Ruber Juan Bravo Hospital. Center associated with Oncocir

    The Ruber Juan Bravo Hospital, associated with Oncocir, has the necessary facilities to offer comprehensive care to the patient. For this we have the most advanced technology, and an important research and teaching activity. All this, together with a management model based on a solid commitment to excellence in patient care and safety, make up a hospital fully oriented to help you in improving your health status. You can consult our portfolio of services through the information or patient care personnel and through our website www.oncocir.com

    Duties of the patient

    1. To provide the data about your condition or your health in a true and loyal way, as well as collaborate in obtaining it.

    2. The patient must respect the rules of the center, collaborating in its operation, taking care of the facilities and respectfully treating both staff and other users.

    3. At the time of admission, the patient must provide the data of the responsible person to whom the center must go in case of need, as well as the data of the entity that will be responsible for the expenses that arise during its stay

    4. In the event of a claim, the patient must make use of the means and means established for this purpose.

    5. If the patient leaves the center by their own decision, they must sign a “Voluntary Discharge” document that exempts the center from any responsibility.

    6. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the center. It is important to remember that smoking seriously damages your health.

    7. Sign, once informed and clarified any doubt in this regard, the consent corresponding to the process to which it is going to be submitted or in case of refusal to the treatment proposed in the document stating its rejection.

    More Services

    Translation service

    The hospital offers a translator of English, French and, in addition, there is a telephone translation service for other languages that you can request from the Patient Care Service


    The hospital has free Wi-Fi and can request access mode


    Online appointment service: allows patients to manage their medical appointments through www.oncocir.com

    Telephone citation services: to summon questions and tests from Monday to Friday from 08:00 h. at 20:00 h., through the telephone numbers:

    General and Digestive Surgery: 605 71 65 73 (Also Whatsapp)

    Gynecology: 659 45 67 13 (Also Whatsapp)

    Appointment: 08:00 h. at 10:00 p.m.

    General Information

    In the Ruber Juan Bravo Hospital, there are: 19 Operating rooms, 250 beds, hospitalization, 129 consultation rooms; General Urgency; Traumatology; High technology; 2 TAC; 3 NMR; 1 Hemodynamics room; 2 intra-operative CT O-ARM; 1 Assisted Reproduction room

    Patient Rights

    1. To receive health care according to their illness and the possibilities of the center, without suffering discrimination based on age, sex, ideology, religion or socioeconomic status.

    2. It also has the right to respect for personality, human dignity and privacy, without distinction of creeds.

    3. Namely, at all times what is their status, and to receive comprehensible information on the diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and evolution of the disease, as well as to know the different therapeutic alternatives and the nature of the risk that each one of them could imply . This right is guaranteed by the doctor responsible for your assistance.

    4. To know the name and professional status of the persons in charge of their assistance, and also to know the person or persons to whom they can direct questions, or to present complaints about matters that are not strictly medical.

    5. To respect the confidentiality of the data referring to your health, and in particular, of all the information related to your process and your stay in the hospital.

    6. To preserve the privacy of your body.

    7. To inform the people to whom you are related to the extent that you allow it. If you do not want information to be provided to a close relative, you should let your doctor know.

    8. To be informed of the use, where appropriate, in teaching or research projects of the diagnostic and therapeutic processes that are applied, which in no case may entail additional danger to their health. In any case, your written consent will be requested.

    9. To decide freely before the options presented by the medical officer in your case, except:

    When you are not qualified for it, in which case a relative or close friend will take charge.

    When the urgency of the case does not admit delays that could cause irreversible injuries or entail risk of death.

    Non-intervention poses a risk to public health.

    There is an express legal mandate.

    10. To refuse the prescribed treatment and to revoke the informed consent, except in the cases described above, and must be recorded in the clinical record.

    11. To state in writing the instructions to be taken into account, when in a situation where the circumstances do not allow him to express his will personally.

    12. To receive documentary information about the entire process of your illness, to receive the discharge report at the end of your stay at the center and to present the suggestions and claims that you think appropriate about the operation of the center, directly to the Patient Care staff.

    Map and access to Oncocir - Hospital Ruber Juan Bravo

    Address: C / Juan Bravo, 49 28006 Madrid

    How to get:

    Public transport:

    • Metro: Lines 4,5 and 6 Diego de León and lines 5 and 9 Núñez de Balboa.

    • Bus: Lines 26, 29, 52, 1, 74, 56, 61, 72 and 73.

    • Taxi: Taxi stop at the door.

    Private transport: The hospital does not have its own car park, but public non-arranged car parks are available.

    Arrival and Admission

    Upon arrival at the hospital, the admission staff will manage the administrative income guaranteeing privacy and confidentiality throughout the process.

    What documentation should you bring?

    Identification document of the patient (DNI, NIE, passport …).

    Authorizations in case of being insurer.

    If you have programmed a surgical admission, you must provide the preoperative documentation (set of tests performed before the operation, at the request of the surgeon) and a copy signed by the patient and the doctor of the informed consent of the surgical procedure that will be performed and in their case of anesthesia.

    If you are a private patient, you must provide a credit or bank transfer receipt for the amount of the accepted and signed budget. In the absence of a bank transfer prior payment will preferably be made by credit card, exceptionally may be in cash provided it is a small amount.

    Once the administrative admission is made, the nursing staff will accompany and accommodate you in your room, where our assistance team will assist you and process the medical procedures.

    Additional Information

    Medical information: The medical information you need will be provided by the doctor responsible for your admission. To guarantee your right to confidentiality, the doctor will only inform the people you designate. For reasons of confidentiality, information will not be provided by telephone.

    Admission of external consultations

    The staff of admission of external consultations will carry out the corresponding administrative procedures both on arrival and at the exit of the consultation, guaranteeing privacy and confidentiality at all times.

    The insurer patients must present their health card and identification.

    Private patients will pay for the consultation and / or tests according to a budget adjusted to what has actually happened. Preferably by credit card or exceptionally cash provided it is a lower amount € 2,500 (Law 7/2012 “Anti-fraud Law”).

    Appointment at Oncocir

    If you are interested in our services. Please fill out the following form and our Patient Care department will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you.