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    Robotic Surgery Service

    The next step, which has increased the chances of minimal invasion, was the introduction of robotic surgery, using the Da Vinci surgical system.
    The concept changes in an important way: in the so-called robotic surgery, instruments are also introduced through small incisions in the abdomen of the patient, but in this case the operating surgeon is not at the table next to the patient, but sitting in a console at a certain distance.

    The fundamental element in this case is that distance, which can be short or very long (this system allows long-distance procedures, even transcontinental, with the only limitation of the speed of telecommunications).

    The surgeon sees the image of the surgical field in three dimensions and its movements are transmitted to the instruments inside the patient. The system allows a range of movements and a precision much higher than those of conventional laparoscopic surgery. In addition, three- dimensional vision provides important advantages, especially in certain complex surgical procedures.

    The surgeon who is in the console is assisted at all times by the other part of the surgical team, which is on the table with the patient. The coordination of the team, always important, in these cases is vital.
    The initial experience with robotic digestive surgery in Spain was carried out at the San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Madrid in 2006. Many patients benefited from its advantages in various types of procedures

    Dra. Elena Ortiz Oshiro

    Responsible for the Robotic Surgery Program at Oncocir.

    Dra. Ortiz´s Blog

    Dr. Juan Carlos Meneu

    Jefe de Servicio y Diploma Universitario en Cirugía Robótica por la Universidad de Lorena (Nancy-Francia) y el Instituto STAN