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    Bariatric surgery is one of the usual procedures in this unit. It is the only method that maintains long-term weight reduction, improving associated diseases, quality of life and self-esteem.

    At Oncocir we develop two procedures

    Vertical gastrectomy: it is a surgical procedure that consists of extracting approximately 80% of the volume of the stomach. A tube-like stomach is left which represents approximately 150-200cc capacity. Weight loss is achieved by the significant reduction that is made in the volume of the stomach, so it is considered a restrictive surgery.
    Gastric bypass: the gastric bypass is a surgical procedure that achieves weight loss by two mechanisms, on the one hand a stomach of a very reduced capacity is built (20-50cc); and on the other hand, a crossing is made in the small intestine (bypass) that conditions that only approximately 60% is used for the digestion and absorption of food. This procedure has a restrictive and a malabsorptive component, which is why it is considered a mixed technique of bariatric surgery.

    Diaphragm and abdominal wall


    Retroperitoneal space



    Small intestine and appendix

    Colon, rectum and anu

    Biliary tract

    Gastroenteropancreatic endocrine system



    Skin and soft tissues

    Specialist Team

    Dr. Juan Carlos Meneu – Founding member of Oncocir

    Director of Hepatic-Biliary-

    Pancreatic Surgery Unit Oncological Surgery.

    Dr. Néstor Taboada Mostajo.

    Surgeon. Specialist in General Surgery and Gastroenterology
    Surgeon. Specialist in General Surgery and Gastroenterology

    Dra. Yari Y. Aguilera Molina.

    Emergency Colorectal Proctology Surgery

    Dra. Ana Moreno

    Surgeon. Specialist in General Surgery and Gastroenterology.

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