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    Breast Unit

    Breast cancer is the most frequent malignant tumor among women worldwide, but, despite its increasing incidence, its mortality has decreased thanks to improvements in early diagnosis and available treatments. This makes the healing possibilities very high, even 100% if detected in its initial stage.

    Our medical services includes:

    Conservative breast surgery

    Linfadenectomy of armpit

    Selective biopsy of the sentinel ganglion (SBSG)

    Oncoplastic surgery

    Prophylactic mastectomy

    Immediate breast reconstruction

    Specialist Team

    Dra. Arantxa Moreno Elola-Olaso – Founding member of Oncocir

    Chief of Gynecology and Obstetrics Service

    of Hospital Universitario Ruber Juan Bravo.

    Dra. Emilia Ferrer Civeira

    Area Manager. Oncogynecology. Breast

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