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    Units of Medical Specialization

    Oncocir, is composed of a group of health professionals (surgeons, nurses, assistants, secretaries) organized in a multidisciplinary Service of Surgery & Gynecology, with the aim of treating patients affected by different diseases: benign, functional and also malignant.

    Our mission is to achieve optimal results, meet the comprehensive needs of our patients, as well as their expectations through our institution, care protocols based on clinical research and specialization in surgical practice

    We take care and treat our patients at the level of breast pathology, reproductive system and hormonal situations related to conception and contraception.

    This service aims to offer the most innovative treatment for all stages of breast cancer, be at the forefront of research to identify high-risk women and their prevention

    Surgery is a traditional form of cancer treatment. It is the most effective in eliminating most cancers before they spread to lymph nodes or distant places (metastasized).

    Doctors and professionals who are part of Oncocir have experience and training not only in Spain, but also in hospitals in Europe (France, England) and North American (United States).

    Bariatric surgery is one of most used procedures in this unit. It is the only method that maintains long-term weight loss, improving associated diseases, quality of life and self-esteem

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