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Looking to the future

Oncocir is a project founded and led by Dr. Meneu and Dr. Moreno, both professionals with more than 20 years of experience in Medicine.

Focused on the care of patients with diseases related to Oncological Surgery, General Surgery, Digestive Surgery and Gynecology, we combine the surgical approach and the joint assessment with our specialists endowed with a wide professional competence.

“Looking to the future” defines our way of working in Oncocir. Only with constant training, with R+D+i and bringing together the best international experts we can offer our patients the best medical treatment, so that we can all continue looking to the future.

The doctor-patient relationship,  with our experience and training is the key to our success.

Oncocir Centers

Clinica Ruber – Juan Bravo – Madrid

902 01 02 32

Centro Médico Maestranza – Barajas

91 746 21 95

Clínica Valdelasfuentes – Alcobendas

91 229 36 36

Agrupación Ginecológica Española

91 737 52 22